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The Online Kappa Calculator can be used to calculate kappa--a chance-adjusted measure of agreement--for any number of cases, categories, or raters. Two variations of kappa are provided: Siegel and Castellan's (1988) fixed-marginal multirater kappa and Randolph's free-marginal multirater kappa (see Randolph, 2005; Warrens, 2010). Brennan and Prediger (1981) suggest using free-marginal kappa when raters are not forced to assign a certain number of cases to each category and using fixed-marginal kappa when they are. Values of kappa can range from -1.0 to 1.0, with -1.0 indicating perfect disagreement below chance, 0.0 indicating agreement equal to chance, and 1.0 indicating perfect agreement above chance. A rule of thumb is that a kappa of .70 or above indicates adequate interrater agreement.


First, specify the number of cases, categories, and raters then click on "Show table." A table will appear with cases in rows and categories in columns. Then, in the empty cells, input the number of raters who agreed that a certain case belongs to a certain category. Do not leave any empty cells; input a zero if no raters agreed that a case belonged to that category. The sum of each row should equal the number of raters. You can cut and paste data from most spreadsheet software.

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